Home Staging Testimonials

Let’s face it, selling your home is an extremely stressful endeavour, especially with tight timelines in today’s fast paced and every changing market.  We read a variety of blogs and online content that highly recommended staging as an “essential” to obtain the best possible market price.  As an HGTV generation, we were sold on staging, but with so many companies to choose from with a full array of price ranges, the decision was monumental.  We shopped around, spoke with various companies and got the same spiel, feeling sold to in every interaction until we met Lynne from Designing Durham.   From our first contact we knew something was different, her approach was distinct, it was personable and warm, inviting and not pushy by any means.  Her goal was to showcase her work and fit into our lifestyle, not force services on us, but to give us what we needed to highlight the innate features of our home.  Amongst the crowd, she clearly stood out and was the obvious choice.  Every interaction with her was professional and amidst our tight schedule she remained flexible and punctual.  Her services went above and beyond, and in most instances I felt like I had a close friend/family member guiding me through the process rather than a company simply going through the motions.  The end product was nothing short of spectacular as our home was transformed into the true masterpiece that it had the potential to be.  Once staged, we confidently put it on the market and got well in excess of, multiple thousands above, our asking price for it.  Truthfully, this was no coincidence or the work of market forces but rather the result of Lynne.  Thank you!

Damar Walker, Brighton, Ontario

I am a Realtor, and I hire Tammy to stage every listing who is agreeable to having this professional service. She is a hands on designer who works quickly and efficiently to make the property look its absolute best. She always has great ideas, and I am always amazed at the impact her touches have on a home. Worth every cent!

Claire Marsh

Tammy was unbelievably efficient in all of her dealings with us, and yet so very warm and friendly. She wasted no time going through our house and coming up with incredible ideas to help us prepare our home for sale. She helped motivate us to declutter, which made a big difference to the end result. We trusted her vision completely and the results were incredible. Her design expertise is evident in every room, to the smallest detail. I was so surprised at how quickly she was able find just the right furniture, lamps, pictures, pillows and accents and then put them all together so beautifully. I love the new look so much, I want to buy my own house!

Jackie Lynn

My husband and I started to get the itch to move and decided to start to look for a new home. After looking at several homes, we walked into “the one”. Emotions kicked in and we gave them a firm offer!

The next morning we asked our agent to come and list our home. To our surprise, our agent informed us that our house wasn’t market ready and would need some work prior to listing. Our agent said to leave it with her. The next morning Tammy Irwin of Designing Durham showed up at my door. Tammy could clearly tell I hadn’t slept and was completely stressed. She said “First things first! Take a deep breath, we have some work to do, but don’t worry, we will get your house sold.” After a thorough inspection of my home, we discussed a budget along with a plan of attack. Tammy began to make some calls. Within 24 hours, the wheels were in motion. My house was flooded with painters, carpet installers, countertop specialists, and contractors. Within 2 weeks, my home looked so beautiful, I had second thoughts about moving. The transformation was surreal. Tammy’s vision and expertise are incredible. She did an amazing job from start to finish and stayed within our budget. I can’t say enough wonderful things about Tammy and her team of professionals. My house was sold within 24 hours of being listed on the market for over asking.

Cindy P, Homeowner

Designing Durham did an amazing job staging our home. The staging was completed on Saturday and we had a firm offer on Tuesday. Wow!

Prior to the staging, our home had been empty and the feedback had been that some potential buyers had difficulty visualizing each space in relation to their belongings and/or had been overwhelmed by a lack of vision in relation to utilizing the potential spaces. Tammy brought creative ideas, professionalism, quality furnishings and artwork to stage our home. I was extremely impressed with her promptness, resourcefulness and willingness to work within my budget. I would highly recommend Designing Durham to anyone in need of staging his or her home in order to obtain a quicker and hopefully more profitable outcome.

Mr. and Mrs. Mucha

Putting our home on the market was a tough decision as we wanted to get as much out of the sale as possible.  Hiring Tammy from Designing Durham has been a phenomenal experience.  Tammy was able to stage our entire home, making it look and feel fresh,  by placing up-to-date fixtures, décor and  artwork throughout our home.  Tammy even took the time to guide us through making worthwhile changes such as lighting, which truly added value to our home.  Her insight and ideas were able to bring our home to the selling standard it needed to be at, and we were able to increase our profit.  It has been bittersweet, selling our first home –  the house looked so amazing, we no longer wanted to move!  Both my husband and myself look forward to bringing Tammy and her interior design knowledge to our new home!

Cheryl & Ajay Baldeo, Homeowners

In the real estate industry, the first impression is crucial for a quick, well priced sale.  As a realtor, I can’t stress enough the importance of  a well staged home.  Selling your home can be an emotional roller coaster, and sellers can quickly become overwhelmed.  Designing Durham, along with their positive “can do” attitude has the vision, skill and expertise to transform any space into a real showstopper.  My clients were amazed with the transformation and even more ecstatic to receive three registered offers within 48 hours of their home going on the market.  Their home sold for 102% of asking price!  I truly could not have done it without you.  Thanks for making me look good!  Your services consistently exceed my expectations and I’m extremely proud to recommend Designing Durham as my preferred staging supplier.  A well staged home is half sold!

Virginia Phillips, Sales Representative, Coldwell Banker, R.M.R.

Interior Design Testimonials

We moved into our new house in Port Perry last summer and began a series of renovations that have been ongoing since then. We met Tammy early in this process and asked her to work with us to provide guidance and creative ideas as we began our project.

I am very pleased to say that throughout this process, Tammy provided us very valuable design ideas when it came to restructuring and repurposing spaces in our home. She has a great eye for colour and guided us well in making excellent choices for wall colours and wood floor stain choices. She was relentless in sourcing a custom motorized window blind for a difficult to fit window. She was very eager to learn about our design preferences and to introduce us to new ideas and choices by doing a walk through some model homes with us which we found to be a very valuable experience.

Tammy is very polished and professional in her approach and was always very quick to respond when we needed assistance or guidance. She was also very practical in her approach to working with the pieces that we had and helped us make down to earth decisions regarding new purchases. She was very supportive and reassuring when I was nervous of the outcome, and I am happy to say that she was right in the end… All of our choices worked out very well!

We are thankful to Tammy for helping us to create a home which feels warm and welcoming and feels like a true reflection of us!

I would highly recommend her whether you need just a little advice or someone to spearhead an entire project.


Tammy, many thanks to you and your team for your direct hands on service in helping to update our 1969 back split home. Your ongoing support has been excellent and what a delight it is to find a company where it does not take days to respond to my questions.

Designing Durham stood out to me because of their friendly attitude, patience, willingness to listen and work with me to find my “true style”. Tammy was willing to start with my home as it was and work to improve it. She was able to provide me invaluable suggestions and resources for everything I needed to research my ideas. Designing Durham also saved me a lot of headaches in identifying reliable contractors; painters, electricians, dry-wallers, etc. Tammy’s team truly cares about providing quality work and will stop and listen to all your concerns. Tammy’s diligent monitoring of the project kept everything on track.

Tammy, I would like to say “Thank you” to you, Gar, and the rest of the team for your commitment of time and effort. You have made such a valuable impact on my home. Your creative talents are to be commended. Designing Durham gave me the “wow” factor I was looking for.

I recommend Tammy and the Designing Durham team. It has been a pleasure doing business with them and I look forward to our future relationship as we move on to the next level of the house.

Skjl Taylor

Tammy provided an interior design consultation in our home, we were very pleased with her and her ideas. She was very patient and helped us develop a theme that tied all our rooms together very nicely. She offered many alternative cost effective solutions that helped us staying within budget. I appreciated her offering and taking us on shopping sprees and exchanging pictures and emails well after the consultation was finished.

I have also had the chance to work with Tammy on a few projects since then: she is very creative, intuitive and easy to work with. I’m looking forward to work with her on many more projects in the future.

Pro S (Projet De Style), Window Covering Professionals

This was first experience using a designer to assist me with paint colours. Tammy not only confirmed some of my colour chooses but came up with a colour scheme for my bungalow that I am extremely happy with. Tammy also came back after the painting was done and transformed my home with her knowledge and skill using my existing pieces of art and making them work with stunning results. Tammy made the experience fun and exciting. I would not hesitate to hire her again or recommend her.

Sharon MacDonald, Homeowner

Tammy Irwin is such a joy to work with. I gave her my wish list and in no time, she had the designs. She is teeming with ideas but is very flexible. She had from time to time tweak her designs here and there to adjust to my budget. I like the fact that she listens and is willing to work with the pieces I want to use. While I like my project to have the designer stamp, I want it to echo my personality, too.
She is a true blue professional – returns calls, addresses my concerns and always mindful of her timeline. She coordinates with my contractor regularly, making sure that what we agreed upon is executed right. She paid close attention to small details which a layman like me normally overlooks. I have always felt that I am in good hands.

Will I work with her again? Yes! Will I recommend her to friends? DEFINITELY.


I have been working with Tammy for about the last year helping her and her clients with furniture selection and purchases.Tammy is such a pleasure to work with and seeing her completed projects on Houzz.com and in “Our Homes – Durham” Magazine with some of our furniture in them is so rewarding because she makes it look so good.

Doug Armstrong 
Furniture Sales Associate 
Sears Home Store, Whitby, Ontario 

I had recently bought a 22 year old home and although the price was great, | had my work cut out for me to say the least. It seemed that the previous owners hadn’t changed or updated a thing since the early 90’s and if they did, it was updated in the worst way possible. Feeling overwhelmed, I started looking for help and wound up on this site skimming through Tammy’s gallery and loving her taste so I made the call.

After meeting with Tammy I knew I was in good hands and felt such a sense of relief knowing that this huge task before me would be stress-free and dare I even say fun? She is personable, knowledgeable, and I have to say, born to do this!

My house has not only been updated and decorated beautifully, it looks like an actual show home. When I look back at pictures of what it used to look like before I hired Tammy I am in awe of how far it has come.

Now I am focusing on creating a backyard oasis, get ready Tammy!

Couldn’t be happier…


If you value exceptional talent, sensitivity, attentiveness, availability and all round charm in a designer you will find them all in Tammy from Designing Durham. On the recommendation of a friend, I hired Tammy to help plan a new build and I couldn’t be more satisfied. She is not only guiding me through the process, but she also provided a network of services to help from concept to completion. I am deeply grateful for Tammy and her team.

Tilston Hill

Working with Tammy was one of the best decisions we made. We were looking to change our living room style to something more modern and increase seating capacity. My husband and I had different opinions and could not agree. Tammy provided us with great ideas and took us shopping! She made it easy to choose new furniture, fabric, paint colour and accents. She also suggested and helped us to make changes in our kitchen-granite counters and tiled backsplash. Tammy’s expertise saved us considerable money, time and provided the support to complete our renovation in 4 weeks. We love our living room and kitchen.

Karen Zidenberg

My experience working with Tammy was wonderful, Tammy pulled the look of my living room together. I was completely confident in her ability to make the right decisions. She listened and then made recommendations for choices. My living room is gorgeous; my friends compliment the new look!

Lorraine Ward

Tammy has helped us through more design dilemmas than I can even remember – from a full kitchen renovation to picking paint colours, and hanging pictures and lighting at all the right height, she can do it all. Tammy recently helped us with a bathroom renovation and did it all remotely as since we have moved out of town. Her attention to detail and expertise make all the difference – we wouldn’t think of using anyone else.

Carol and Andy King

As a custom home builder, and renovation specialist, time is money. Tammy continues to be influential in our choices of home décor and interior design, working with clients to ensure decisions are made, our clients are happy with the outcome, and in the case of a home renovation and re-sale, the house has been staged and is ready to sell. Because of her attention to detail and her above and beyond level of customer service, she is a pleasure to deal with. I would highly recommend Tammy for any Interior Design or Home Staging projects!

Nick Churchill

All I can say is thank you Tammy!! Thank you for your continuing help and advice that you are giving me for my new small home. The “Hampton” look is what I asked for and that is what you are achieving. Thank you for coming up with alternatives respecting my budget considerations. Enjoying the shopping trips, picking out light fixtures, area rugs, furniture etc. I am so enjoying my new space. Again thank you for going above and beyond.

Deb Boylan

After spending years trying to decide what to do to enhance the exterior of my 1970’s home, I decided to try a designer. I’ve reviewed multiple web sites, driven by hundreds of homes, talked with many home supply stores and was both boggled by choices and disappointed in the lack of support. After spending some time on the Houzz website, I came across Designing Durham as a local designer. It appeared to be geared to interiors but on the off chance, I gave it a shot. After speaking with Tammy, I was surprised how easy it was. Tammy had the resources available to do any kind of design. Her professionalism is outstanding and her willingness to work with my constraints was exemplary. With Tammy’s plan in hand, I have now started my project and look forward to posting the results on Houzz. Thanks Tammy.

Diana Thackary

I hired Tammy to help me with my dining room. It was 1990’s red, and i never felt comfortable in it. Tammy took the time to find out what my concerns were, what the budget was and yes, we stayed within it. As you walk into our home, you see the dining room and gosh, it’s stunning. From the drapes to the rug to the accessories, it all works. The dining room table looks exquisite and inviting. I loved the results so much that I asked Tammy to help me with my living room which I wanted done before a surprise party for my husband. Tammy was a whirlwind. I’m working with her now on the 3rd installment (my basement) and cannot wait to see the results. Tammy worked with what I had, plus adding some new things to finish the look. Her talent for understanding and really listening to what a client wants/needs, is her strength. I am in love with my home all over again, what a great feeling that is!

Julia Rodgers

I had the opportunity to provide window coverings for Tammy Irwin of Designing Durham. The project was a house to be featured in OUR HOMES DURHAM magazine for the summer of 2014. This was the first job I had ever worked with Tammy but it was clear why she has established herself as a leader in the Interior Design industry. Her ability to transform any room into a warm and inviting living area is second to none. I truly enjoyed the experience and certainly hope I get the opportunity to work with her on future projects.

Marlin Muylaert
Made in the Shade Blinds and More Durham

Ten years ago, I hired Tammy to decorate my new home.  Her attention to detail and ability to work with me and within my budget was most impressive.  Ten years later, Tammy just finished staging my home as I am downsizing and moving on.  What an incredible talent – the realtor didn’t even recognize the house when she was finished!  I expect to be moving soon – and taking Tammy and her talents and ideas with me to my new home.

Heather I., Homeowner