Home Staging

Helping You Maximize the Value of Your Home

bigLeftThe goal of home staging is to make your home more appealing to a greater number of potential buyers. Home Staging will help your property sell quickly while achieving a higher sell price. Research shows that home staging can reduce the time on a market for your home by one third to half, and could get you as much as 10-15% more than an empty home or one that not been home staged.

Home staging supports the real estate broker or agent, as well as the actual home owner in the sale by improving the appeal of the property. Real Estate is a highly competitive market which means that your home needs to shine from the curb to the smallest detail. Highlighting the best features of your home and improving on areas that need more attention will maximize the assets of your home while minimizing any of the flaws.

Home staging of your home can be as simple as de-cluttering, adding a few accessories and interior design elements, or could be a laborious as re-furnishing an entire room and painting your house from top to bottom. Though certain wall colours may appeal to you, some colours may deter a potential buyer. Adding and taking away are all part of good home staging techniques. When staging is done strategically, it places the importance on areas that mean the most to the final presentation of your home. Even if you have a beautifully decorated home, it never hurts to add a few extra touches. This can make the difference in when or whether your house sells and if it will realize the maximum value.

Designing Durham will help you prioritize your projects by identifying the areas in your home that will give you the greatest return for your efforts. You only get one chance to make a first impression. Hiring a home stager will help you transform your home into one that stands out from all of the rest!