Furniture Placement

Helping You Make Your Room Have the Right Feel

Furniture PlacementWhen it comes to furniture placement, there is certainly more than one way of doing things.

Furniture placement is an art all in its own which requires careful calculation of both the space requirements as well as the needs of the people who live there.  Although there are guidelines for furniture placement, Designing Durham believes that the definite way to a flawless room is through trial and error.

Most homeowners when presented with a bare room are overwhelmed with all of the possibilities and their own insecurities of furniture placement and may find the process quite daunting.

Most will stand in the middle of the room, wondering where to start:

When arranging furniture, there are so many things to consider – from scale, balance and function, to traffic patterns and size of furniture pieces.   And if that is not enough to remember, you then have to think about a focal point or anchor in the room!

At Designing Durham, we will discuss all of this with you and much more.  Once you have learned our tried and true secrets for furniture placement,   we guarantee you will be able to do your entire house