Helping You with the Last Layer of Your Design

smallLeftAccessorizing ideas can come from many different avenues. Accessories complete an interior design project by becoming the last layer – that sparkle that gives it a designer or chic look. Accessories add shine, colour, texture and punch to any room. Accessorizing is that secret weapon behind that pulled together “wow” look and can account for up to 20% of the overall budget in a design project.

Accessorizing does not mean clutter – even if you are a minimalist, the right piece placed in the right spot, can make all the difference. Walls are depressingly lonely if you showcase nothing but a large empty space. Imagine what a grouping of pictures, a large mirror or a combination of the two could do for that space. Sometimes we can get so caught up in the perfection of the overall design project or renovation that we somehow forget about injecting some interest and personality into the space. Though the room may look complete, there is still something missing – the accessories.

Pillows, candles, glassware, lighting, pictures in frames – even furnishings, are just a few ways you can accessorize a room, and should be the last element in your design project that completes your space, yet reflects your personality. Learn all about our “rule of three”, about breaking the rules and how accessorizing can totally change the look of a room.

Designing Durham can show you how to make accessorizing your final step in completing your space, while reflecting your taste, your personality and your collections.